We are proud to bring the listeners of ESL Podcasts our new ESL Podcast Blog. We have had a lot of requests to create some more interaction with our audience, and the blog seemed like the perfect tool doing that. We are able to post more up-to-the-minute news about the podcast, to keep people better informed.

It also gives us a chance to talk about other cultural topics that we don´t have time for on the English Cafe or the regular podcasts. Most importantly, it gives listeners a chance to give their comments and opinions about the things we write about. Our blog can be found on our home page by clicking on the “Blog” link in the top menu.

Another new item on our website is our premium course, English for Business Meetings, available at the ESL Podcast Store. This is our fifth special course that we´we published, and we´re very proud of it. It has 10 lessons covering each part of a typical business meeting, and goes over all of the vocabulary in a very detailed manner. In addition, each lesson has both a formal meting and an informal meeting, so listeners can hear how the two different types of English sound, with different vocabulary expressions. This new English for Business Meetings course also has some new voices on it during the dialog sections, so listeners get a chance to hear speakers other than Lucy and me. It has been very popular since we are released it a few weeks ago, and I expect it will continoue to grow in popularity.

What´s in the future for ESL Podcasts? Well, we have some other interesting courses we are preparing for both business and personal English. The courses take a long time to prepare, but we thing they are worth and effort. We are looking at other improvements in the design of our website, including more multilingual functionality, but that is still in the planning stages. We are also looking at upgrading our server and continuing to provide high quality podcasts each week. Stay tuned! Our Jeff McQuillan, ESL Podcast,